First Attempt Making French Macaroons

First Attempt Making French Macaroons - student project

Well here is my very first batch of french macarons.  I used a vanilla buttercream and colored the the shells with red gel food coloring.  Unfortunately only 7 total cookies came out right.  My oven cooks very hot so the majority of the others were browned at the bottom and cracked.  Next time I will only do one sheet at a time (tried 2 this time) and purchase an oven thermometer so I can monitor the temperature.   

My buttercream also had some issues.  I think the butter started to seperate once I put it in the refrigerator.  It tastes like creamy butter and vanilla (not terrible, but not quite where it should have been).

Overall, I'm pleased with my 7 cookies and will make a second attempt next week.

Thank you,