First App - Completed! Woo Hoo!

Heroku: http://serene-ocean-5203.herokuapp.com/

Github Repo: https://github.com/jaymf/omrails

My Story: 

Struggled with Git Hub - spending a week undoing a blunder: I did not realize I had git installed as a result of our rails installation from the start.

That led to installing xcode, homebrew, developer tools, chmod, sudo commands and Suyash bringing me back from the depths of the command line. I spent a week undoing some awful mistakes.

Next, I decided I would fork a complex repo - eversite - to submit an original project - a resume built in rails and evernote (a place I have some expertise.) 

I ran into a gem issue with nokogiri. I spent the next week working through the issue of the nokogiri gem, learning all about gemsets, how to clear gems, reinstall rails, work with google mail lists for support, properly evaulate gem dependeincies and more. 

Again Suyash was there to support me as I jumped down a rabbit hole I had no place sticking my nose at this stage of my ruby career. But, that is the way I treat computers.

Click buttons or type commnads first, ask questions later. I see this appraoch in programming it is a bit more dangerous. Never the less, I learned a tremendous amount, though from a reverse approach. 

I am extremely disappointed that after spending 30+ hours each week all I am submitting is the "First App" for approval to gain my certificate, I know I have learned much more.

I will continue my journey and will complete the eversite project on my own.

I do want to bring to your attention to Suyash. He deserves recognition in this class as an invaulable resource. He bailied me out of trouble numerous times. I no I am not alone. If there is some way you can recognize him, I urge you to do so.


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