Firm up my Core to Prepare for Surgery

I am an active person that sets realistic goals. I have experienced chronic low back pain for over 6 months.  Because I have tried all other options the surgeon suggests that the best course to end the pain will be a lumbar fusion. I've avoided this as long as I could and now must face up to surgery.

My goal is to be in top physical shape so I can sail through surgery and recovery and heal quicker than anyone in the world has ever done. That goal is not meant to be unrealistic, but to keep that image in mind as I work toward my goal. 

I want to get my core in the best shape its ever been in. I don't want to wish I'd have done more. I want to know that I did everything possible.

  1. I will accomplish this by working my abs every day based on exercises given to me by my Physical Therapist.
  2. I will be mindful of what I eat and stop eating crap.
  3. I will do something physical everyday for 30 minutes to keep movement in my back.
  4. When the weather doesn't cooperate, I will work out with a DVD.
  5. I will continue to read everything I can about surgery and recovery so there will be no surprises.


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