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Assignment 1: A Stranger Comes to Town

The Biggest Fireworks Show in History:  

The Last Year of Celebrations  

Dark descended on the biggest holiday of the nation. Many citizens traveled to the local fireworks show. Others elected to remain at home and celebrate with friends and family.  

The sky flickered with little pops of light and color as small fireworks were shot into the night. Children giggled and danced on the soft green grass surrounding their homes. Under the glow of the moonlight, they waved around wands that sparked like magic. 

On this great day, citizens had two options: first, attend the show; or second, celebrate at home. No one ever mentioned the third option.  

In the beginning, before the people embraced their leaders, there was hesitation. Rebellion. Swift and firm punishment worked quickly to acclimate the citizens to the laws that governed them. 

Now, people praised their great cities and nation for what it provided them. Rations, shelter, medical care, and most importantly, law. They wanted for nothing. Professions were chosen for them. Wives and husbands arranged. Children granted. All decisions were made by the nation. Citizens loved them for it.  

Violations of the law were almost legends. Almost. Occasionally, reminders were left hanging in the streets with the sin that condemned them pinned to their chest. 

Another year, another celebration of the homeland. 

The breeze of the warm summer night suddenly shifted and the blackened sky lit up in a brilliant light, followed by immense domes of fire that rose to engulf entire cities. The vast sounds of explosions boomed outward, but were sucked back into the flames as they rolled around into the pyre.  

Vehicles lost power. Clocks stopped ticking. All the power grids went down.  

The last of the remaining light died out with the discarded sparkling wands the children had dropped in surprise.  

Citizens watched in horror as the roaring fires reached higher into the sky. Watched as those flaming domes grew wider. The huge buildings that marked the heart of the cities were disintegrated before their eyes. 

Children began to cry out as they realized what was happening. 

Still, the blasts grew larger, taking more buildings with them. 

The faces of the onlookers mirrored each other. Their eyes widened, jaws dropped.  Fear wracked through them as the temperatures rose dramatically.  

The shock that marred their faces melted as the flames reached them and engulfed them too.

Photo Credit: lacafeine on deviantart


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