Firework Label Design

Firework Label Design - student project

I don't have a name yet for this project, but after brainstorming a few ideas (Spanish Olives label, Fishing Lure packaging, Beer/Spirit label, etc) I really fell for the idea of a Firework/Classic Firecracker label.

As a kid I loved firecrackers, & to this day i still do. I've made them, collected them, blew stuff up with them & they've gotten me into a lot of trouble. Growing up in sunny southern California my fondest memories as a kid were summer BBQs & 4th of July block parties.

With the 4th coming up right around the corner, I thought i'd pay homage to these classic things & attempt to make a label design for a Firecracker that I wish I would have seen on the shelves of a firework store or firecracker booth on the side of the road. 

I've always enjoyed the classic design of the packaging of all the fireworks growing up & that for me was a big part of the whole experience aside from blowing them up.

Out of all the ideas I have thought of, nothing made me overly motivated to dive right into this project to be honest & now I can't wait to get the ball rollin' on it!

Firework Label Design - image 1 - student project

Ive been busy with work lately but found time to get a firecracker name/theme & couple sketches with ideas floating around. Here's the sketches I have for now, still working on 2 more rough sketches before finalizing it. 

The name is called Clay Pigeons Firecrackers because a new found hobby of me & a few friends has been Trap/Skeet shooting & I figured it would be fun to create an illustration using a broken clay pigeon & somehow communicating firecrackers in with it.

Firework Label Design - image 2 - student projectFirework Label Design - image 3 - student project

Heres a new sketch I worked on. Next step is making my final sketch using elements I like of all the stuff I've done so far that I feel would work & outlining it in pen before scanning it into the computer.

Mainly, I really want to loosen up the illustration & give it that unorthodox vibe I feel a classic firecracker label should have

Firework Label Design - image 4 - student project