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Amber Benton

Life is colorful!




I have decided to revisit this project. (To see my very first pattern scroll to the end of this post.) This  pattern is called firethorn.



I visited a local garden and drew some sketches from life:


I scanned these in and drew over them with the blob brush. I went back and added details and shadows and highlights and added transparency to those layers to create a more painterly look.

I placed the elements on the art board in a way I liked, making sure to duplicate some of them so that the pattern repeat would be less noticeable. I made final adjustments and filled in gaps with the pattern making tool in Illustrator.

Here are a few different colored backgrounds that I played around with:




I have dreamed of this moment for a very long time. Can you believe that the pattern on the tracing paper you see in the background of the photo below was one that I drew and traced by hand more than ten years ago?! It was inspired by a fabric in a quilt square appliqued by my grandmother.

Now that I understand how to make my designs repeat, more of my designs are in the works. I have now watched all of Bonnie's courses and am working on my first collection. Each of my collections will contain a few old patterns that I will breathe new life into - I'm calling these fabrics 'Now & Again'. I still have to make a logo for Now and Again.

Bonnie, your classes are so helpful!


Below is the fabric that I redesigned. All of my redesigns are done by hand - no photographing, scanning, or using a lightbox of the original fabric. I sketch the elements changing dimensions, shapes, scales and small details. I then scan or photograph my own artwork and take it into Illustrator. Once the initial sketches are done I put the fabric away so that the design is not influenced by the original fabric too much and they feel more fully incorporated into my own collection.



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