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Firefly Woods - Version 2

-Once upon a time there was a girl who was smothered by her work and her life in the city.

-And everyday she would wake up so early that was still dark, and breath toxic air, and see clones everywhere with terrible attitudes. She would always get into the most crowded trains. Everything looked grey.

-Until one day, during her coffee break at work, she met a guy who had a very different lifestyle and authentic philosophies. An artist. He was kind of a pain in the ass to her and he liked to tease her, but when he told her he was going on a trip to the Firefly Woods, she decided to go with him.

-And because of this she traveled with him across the South America, met different people and learned about different lifestyles and cultures around those countries. She was resisting at first, but soon enough she fell in love with this wander life. She conquered many of her fears doing rad sports, and simply surviving in the wild, and she learned a lot about nature and she was amazed about all the colors. One day, he told her about one dog he had, and how friends they were, and how sad he was when he died, showing her the dog's medal on his chest. She got specially sad, but said she was ok and they changed the subject. When they got in the Firefly Woods, there were no fireflies. Not one.

-And because of this she got very angry and decided that she made a big mistake leaving her life behind to travel to that place, and she wanted to go home. She strangely couldn't deal with such frustration so she started a fight with the guy, blaming him for convincing her to go to this crazy adventure. She took her things and went away by herself. She got lost and scared. She sat down on a log, took a picture off her bag and started to cry. She cried herself to sleep and some time later the boy showed up looking for her. He took the photo from her hands. Behind some tear spots, he saw her as a child with another kid dressed in a firefly costume in a fake little forest made of paperboard. He made a connection in his head by looking at his dog's medal.

-Until finally, he got it! He ran to the car and drove away. Suddently she woke up surrounded by flying lights she wasn't able to recognize. Her vision was blurry because of all the crying (and maybe she wears glasses). When she finally could see, she recognized the guy smiling at her with hundreds of candles around them. Hanging candles look like fireflies. He returned her photo, with one hand in his medal. She realized he understood her, because he has been through that before. She huged the guy. They set up a new bonfire and started roasting marshmallows.

-Ever since that day she felt so much stronger. She had learned to let go. In so many ways, she had learned to accept what she can't change. She moved to the country and started to persue the life she always wanted based on sharing love. They started a candle business together away from the toxic city. She was healed by a kind well-intencioned action.

Character studies - Girl

Some sketches


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