Fireflies - student project

This was a fun class. Thanks, Vashti for sharing your skillz! :) I'm just learning Procreate now. Doing a project like this from beginning to end really helped to get me acquainted with all the tools. It was fun to think in terms of the animation build while I was drawing this. But I am still pretty clumsy, so my final animation is actually really long!! So many mistakes and redos. Here are some film strip captures. 

Fireflies - image 1 - student project

This is sketch.



Fireflies - image 2 - student project

The kids by themselves.



Fireflies - image 3 - student project

Beginning of the background. Added cat.


Fireflies - image 4 - student project



Fireflies - image 5 - student project


Final piece.

 Here is the animated clip:


Melissa Iwai
Children's Book Illustrator and Author