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28 August 2016

Gathering inspo to come up with a sketch. Mood board below:






27 August 2016

Finally got my quilling kit delivered yesterday! Keeping the quilling tool and mini design board, and of course the papers. Selling or donating the rest of the card making kit. Since I didn't have any choice in what papers I would receive, I decided to let the colors dictate what my project would be. I got a lot of red, orange and yellow, with a bit of light blue and light green.

I know it's ambitious, but I think I will do some sort of Firebird! I was greatly inspired by projects I found by googling and on Pinterest! Who knew quilling could be so amazing?

13 August 2016

Woohoo! I just found a beginner's kit on for $8.99 on sale with $2.99 shipping on your entire order! So I got the kit and stocked up on other items I needed!

Picture to come soon when I receive the kit and decide what to make!


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