Fire Dancer Lady | Skillshare Projects

Fire Dancer Lady

Definitely a new approach to character design for me.

I'm actually pretty new to really using thumbnails; I have a huge tendency to dive right into a full on sketch, so it's an adjustment for me, but one that'll probably help a lot in the long run.

Trying a character design that's floating around some mixture of primarily a fire dancer, belly dancer, and maybe a smidgen of gypsy, if that makes sense. Pretty much everything about this particular design is a new experience for me.

I think I didn't really get into a groove until the bottom row. Leaning towards the first two and last one on the bottom so far.


Finally decided on three thumbnails that were working out more to my liking and refined 'em a fair bit.

Can already tell for the most part that I'm leaning towards #2 or #3, more likely the former.


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