Laura Restrepo

Graphic designer



Fiore di notte

Hello my name is Laura and I'm a graphic designer that likes to draw, you're all invited to check my flickr account

This is my initial sketch idea of what I want. Just a girl in dark shadows with a flower in her hands 

On a thicker paper I had around (185g), I've rendered a more detailed sketch, I took a reference photo of myself with the desired pose. It's not a smooth paper so hopefully when I draw on the final smooth surface paper I bought, it's going to look better

This is how it's comming out so far, quite challenging since I've never been restricted to a small amount for colors. Wasn't liking it at first but the drawing has grown on me.

Work in progress

Finally finished! It's been a while since I last used colored pencils, and I must say I'm a bit rusty. Overall I think it was a good first intent. Hope to improve and get that super smooth coloring Marco has that is so lovely. Still a lot to learn :)

Thanks to Marco Mazzoni who inspires me so much and for allowing us some insight on his beautiful work! <3

Oh and this is me saying hi :p


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