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Fiona and the Flamingo Stomp

Hi there,

I've been watching the class videos and have been thinking about all of the (many!) aspects described... it's been very helpful!

After brainstorming a few different ideas, I chose one to try and develop it into a story. This is what I've got so far. Any things you think can be improved upon?

Curious to hear your feedback!


Fiona and the Flamingo Stomp


Meet Fiona.

You can always tell when she’s angry

 because then she stomps her feet.

 Just like this:




 “Is there an elephant in the house?” Dad says.

 “Is that thunder I hear?” the neighbour asks.

 Everyone agrees: “Stop stomping your feet!” they shout.

 Then, one sunny day in the park, Fiona heard some music.

 “Oh look – there’s a Spanish Flamenco dancer. Let’s go and watch the show,” Mum said.

 “A FLAMINGO dancer?” Fiona asked.

 Fiona was surprised. She’d seen flamingos at the zoo before but so far, they’d never danced.

 And besides, there wasn’t a single flamingo on stage!

 Just a lady wearing a fancy polka-dot dress.

The dancer twirled her hands

 And swirled her skirt

 And stomped her feet .

 Really hard and really fast and really loudly!

 Fiona couldn’t believe her eyes.

 Instead of telling the dancer to stop, the crowd clapped!

 Not only that − they begged her to stomp her feet some more!

That gave Fiona an idea…

 She quickly climbed on stage,

 and stomp,


 stomped her feet too.

 Sure enough, the crowd started cheering for Fiona!

 From then on, whenever Fiona felt like stomping her feet,

 she also twirled her hands and swirled her skirt – just like that Flamingo dancer.

 And everyone smiled.

 But the one with the biggest grin of all,

 was Fiona.


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