Fins - How I learnt that diving is the best thing in the whole world

Hi all!

I signed up for this class at the start of the summer, but I'm starting to do some work on it only now.

I started off with thinking about my 3 ideas, and here they are:

1. Puppy idea: the story of how I saved a puppy in a market in Tianjin (China). A couple of years ago I was working in China and whilst passing by a huge market on a very cold February day, totally lost in my thoughts and minding my own business, I saw this guy selling puppies on the side of the road. It took me an hour to convince the rational part of myself (who was repeating that getting a dog in China would be inconvenient on so many levels) that I had to save at least one, since most of them were half dead because of the cold and literally weren't moving. So here I am now, living in Italy with a happy two year old dog!

2. Diving idea: the story of how I found out that diving is my favourite thing in the world. I was on holiday in Thailand with my boyfriend and he insisted that we do a diving course. I wasn't particularly keen on the idea, and I went along just to please him, however on our first outing in open sea (at a Thai diving site called Sail Rock) I realised that I absolutely loved it and they had to literally dragged me out.

3. Gig idea: the story of how I got free VIP tickets to a Muse concert in London and set metres away from Matt Bellamy. I was in my first year of uni and a friend and I were obsessed with seeing Muse live at the O2 in London. We were ready to buy the tickets online as soon as they came out, however we weren't fast enough (also because of lousy internet connection) and they sold out before we could get them. We decided to go to the site of the gig on the day anyway and see if we could get tickets from the peddlers outside the arena. The tickets were going at £200-300, which was WAY too expensive for us, so we were about to admit defeat and go home with the tail between our legs when this professional looking guy who had heard us talk with the street vendors approaches us and says that he had to go make peace with his girlfriend (with whom he had just had a fight) and gives us his VIP tickets for nothing. We still couldn't believe it when we sat metres away from the stage and felt like the luckiest girls in the whole world.

In the end I decided to go for idea number 2: the diving. I preferred this option because the story is very simple with a clear character arc: character doesn't want to do something, they are forced to do it, find they actually enjoy it. I can add a bit of drama to the story by changing my indifference to the activity of diving into actually reject. This also allows my a couple of funny/comical asides like me being sick on the boat whilst the other divers have already gone into the water (which actually happened) and the captain literally pushing me out when I try and shy away from the activity. I also think that the character's reaction of pure awe at the wonder of the underwater landscape would be a really powerful climax shot, as well as the depiction of marine life.

So here's the research I have done so far for the storyboard and I will be uploading the main thumbnails very soon!

Please leave any feedback if you like,







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