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SP Van der Merwe

Illustrator & Videographer



Finn & Jake's Bacon Pancakes

I had done one of Jake's skillshare courses before, and when I saw that he had a new class out I decided to do it as soon as I got back from my holiday.

I thought for a while about which kind of restaurant neon sign I would like to design, then the idea hit me. Why not something out of a cartoon show? Adventure Time is one of my favourite shows, so I decided to build my design around the idea of Finn & Jake having their own Bacon and Pancake restaurant.

I started with a rough sketch to try and find out what the design would look like.


Using this design I came up with this illustration. I knew that the text I used wasn't really fit to accurately represent a neon bulb, but hey, this restaurant is probably situated in the land of Oo, so anything is possible, even squigly neon light bulbs.


I then threw this design into after effects and managed to build this animation. I was quite pleased with the end result.


I then decided to go further with the design, just as Jake did. I struggled for quite some time to loop the red and yellow lines, but eventually I managed to get it right to some extent.



So there it is. This was probably one of the most fun project I had ever done. I learnt a whole bunch and now have something awesome to show for it. Jake really is a wonderfull teacher, I mean just look at what he enabled me to do! 

Now I'm off to go catch up on some well deserved Adventure Time.



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