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Finished Watercolor (Updates)-Mod

Hey guys, 

My inspiration comes from the 1960s mod fashion where anything goes kind of fashion. I really like muted colors with big bright pops of color, patterns, and layered looks. 

Retro is cool.

Phone picture :) much better

In this sketch I focused more on the is a litlle more on the artistic side, I mean it is kids clothing so it has to be fun....I just wish that I had a better scanner, the colors are brighter on the paper.....well enjoy guys :)

Glitter is not my friend... its messy

Adding a little more details...:)

Got to love Twiggy!

I find her legs very sexy

this little lady got some shimmer...;)

I really like Instagram picture quality better :)

I can not believe I forgot to take a picture of my sketch :'(....I was too excited to color that I forgot...please forgive me guys 


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