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Finished Project _Moon Goddess and the Dwarf (Heavy and light)

Thought I would share on National Batman Day.

Final FInal Update 9

The face on the moon goddess was too light and wanted to fix it, then noticed the dress and issues and .... long story short here is the last update and final image.

Final Update_8

Here is the finished project, as much as I can hope to finish before tomorrow's deadline. Reworked the shadows more, fixed the eyes and removed any hope of creating some sort of wand or staff for the Moon Goddess. Couldn't think of something that I thought would look decent besides some Sailor Moon ripoff (thanks to the oldest daughter I know who that is). Tried to pull out the detail more on her and tone the dwarf down.

It is what it is, but still looks too flat to me and have issues with that arm coming out.

Update 7

Managed to work on it a little more. Here is the update. Still needs work but will see if I can get to it.

Update 6

Well, coming along now. Not calling it the final yet since we have a couple more days but not sure how much more I will be able to change but will try.

Update 5

Excuses. excuses. excuses. Been extremely busy and not had much time but definitely want to get this somewhat presentable by tomorrow. Unfortunately in my haste to amaze (that's a joke at this point) when attempting to finish the line work and details and some light inking, I had more ambition than talent and attempted to finalize with ink, hence forgetting the power of the eraser.

So, to appease myself and get it to a point of finishing deadline-wise, I brought it into photoshop (hence defeating the initial purpose of wanting to take the class to learn more traditional techniques) and am working to clean it up and get to some point of completion, adding color and background and clean up mostly.

Am looking to upload it tomorrow, and not so much as a "big reveal" but more of a "man I hope this gets done". Am seeing lots of excellent stuff, and learning a lot, just not how to manage time.

Until then, I will wish that I was Mike's 7 year old daughter (because if you haven't seen the shark sculpture she did that he posted on facebook, then check it out because it is awesome).

Update four

reworked the moon goddess and the moon. Trying to get an ethereal flow to her. Also added helmet to the dwarf

Apologies as I have been tied down with other obligations and work, but plan on working on the Moon goddess and posting updates soon. Thanks for all the comments and feedback so far.


Playing with color schemes in photoshop to see what might work as I move forward. Still planning on the moon goddess, but more rework is required to get it right and going to reference more on poses and fabrics.

so the idea is to create a character representing heavy and one character representing light and so am Going with the last dwarf of his tribe, the rest being slaughter by enemies and he swears revenge and gains the aide of the moon goddess. She gives him a hammer forged from moon rock and enchanted, named...something. Haven't figured that part yet and took to long with this. 

Let me know what you think so far, but have to redraw to put on the same page still.



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