Finished FruitCollection

Finished FruitCollection - student project

I love taking this course with Cat C. because I never thought I could do so much with watercolor. I consider my painting of a modern capture of Orange (thats my favorite fruit) somewhat a success and let me tell you why. My thought process when I first start this project was, gather all my materials, like watercolor paper, HB pencil, Tombow thin eraser, color wheel, watercolor pan and watercolor pencil, white gel pen, clean water, brush sets and paper towel. Then, I started sketching my fruit which I had gotten from (this has become my number one site to get great and free photos). Then, I started to plan for color schemes using my color wheel. At first, I had chosen a color combination that turned out disastrous because the combination when laid on top of each other became mud. So, I added another layer of color to match my color theory. That proved to be better. I looked at your (Cat C.) color combi and took some of color combination and it started to take shape. So, from far, you can't really see the water flow movement, so I took a close up picture which I incorporated in with the master copy (pasted on the top ,left hand side).  Then, when I looked at the straw and the pieces of oranges, it looked too bland with respect to the overall picture, so, I decided to add in textures to them by stippling in shadows for the straw and adding in circles (with watercolor pencils) and white gel pen to try and glisten the pieces of orange. I wasn't too happy about that because I don't have the proper white gel pen.  The next time around, I would pick a bigger fruit to really see the watercolor effects and perhaps use a better watercolor set. I'm not sure.  But.... Happy Birthday Cat!Finished FruitCollection - image 1 - student projectFinished FruitCollection - image 2 - student project