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Finger Puppet Family

These little guys are knitted doppelgangers of my family. They bear a striking resemblence to their real life counterparts in every way except one: the puppets behave beautifully in front of a camera. No eye rolls. No complaints about the wind. No unsolicited advice about my lens or settings.

I took this photo for our annual holiday card. Truth is, after decades of cajoling four uncooperative sons, I enjoyed photographing the wool versions so much more. Then, after watching Andrew's class, I thought the finger puppets deserve to be featured regularly on my Instagram and blog.





This week, I experimented with a prop. I set this up after spending an afternoon in the passenger seat as my youngest son learned to drive. Good God, it never gets easier. Anyway, this is the first time I've posted the finger puppets on Instagram. I used the hashtag #knittedtogetherforever. 


Not sure about the satuation or exposure. I think I need some help. I welcome suggestions. Also, not sure about the depth of field. I'm using a fixed lens since I have a crappy camera that came w/ a crappy kit lens. So I'll keep experimenting. 


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