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Finger Painting

Ok so I just wasn't in love with any of my first stories...thus I have one more. I thought I would see what feedback I got for this one, before deciding for sure and moving forward with fleshing it out. So here it goes:

Once upon a time...there was a young lady

And everyday...she stayed shut away in her apartment painting beautiful masterpieces, maticulously created using the tiniest of brushes and adhearing to her own rigirous "painting rules."

Until one day...a horrible water leak occured in her building...ruining all her paintings.

Becaue of this...she felt defeated and decided to venture out into the town

Because of this...she met an interesting young lad, who was carefree and eclectic. He took her to all the interesting places in the city and showed her how to enjoy.

Until finally...she was so inspired by his vivacity she decided she must paint again, but knew no small brush could convey the movement and emotions she wanted to express.

And to this day...she creates the most captivating paintings using all types of brushes and even her fingers to illustrate the fun and adventures she and the man shared. 


Original Post and Stories:

So I'm coming to this class from the "visual" side...hoping to learn to elaborate stories with images. In the past I have been given the story and then I depict it, so actually being asked to create the story is quite the twist. But I'm excited for the challenge. Consequently I am just now brainstorming what my story should even be about. Here are my first attempts. Please let me know if you like any of them, because at this point I do feel like they are all very simple, and obviously need to be fleshed out. I'm just getting some ideas down I guess. From these...So far my favorite are the last two I think :)

1. Once upon a time…there was a boy and his car

And every day…the boy spent time in his garage working on his car

Until one day…he didn’t come to the garage

And because of this…the car felt unwanted, and not good enough

And because of this…the car ran away

Until finally…the boy was able to track the car down

And ever since that day…the car has been happy


2. Once upon a time…there was a pair of sneakers

And every day… a little girl laced them on her feet to run and play sports

Until one day…the girl put them into a big dark bag         

And because of this…the sneakers thought they were not special anymore

And because of this…they didn’t realize all the events taking place around them

Until finally…the sneakers were placed on a new foot, one that had never worn shoes before

And ever since that day…the shoes have felt more special than ever


3. Once upon a time…there was a man and his wife

and every day…they would sit out and watch the sun rise

Until one day…the man got sick and couldn't go watch the sun rise with his wife

And because of this…the woman decided to create a sunrise for her husband

And because of this…she spent all her time painting a big sunrise on the wall

Until finally…it was finished

And ever since that day…they have been able to see the sunrise together


Once upon a time…there was a bleak little town

And every day…the citizens of the town would put a fresh coat of white paint on their buildings

Until one day…a family decided not to paint their house white

And because of this…the white paint began to fade

And because of this…a beautiful colorful mural was revealed underneath

Until finally…no one painted their building white anymore

And to this day…the city is overcome with unique, beautifully colored buildings


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