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Shelby Rodeffer

Illustrator and Sign Painter



Finer Things - Labels and Tags

Final Label Design EXECUTION

So, as I said earlier, our labels were needed for an actual event, so we got to bring these babies into fruition! I love any excuse to make a good stamp. We bought a bunch of craft paper cards from French Paper, which we decided we would use as both the price tags at our booth and as business cards. 

This is my digital mock-up of the back of the cards:

And here's a breakdown of the designs for the stamps we had made. If we are making a price tag, we put our info (card - back) on the back, and the price stamp on the front. If we are schmoozing and want to give a card to a customer, we would use the other stamp on the front (card-front).

This is how I made the type. I really love the look of one-stroke lettering (meaning all of the strokes are the exact same weight). My problem with a lot of script that's out there today is that it starts to look too "tattooey." We wanted something that looked more government-issued-textbook, so we ended up going with this. 

I alternated the color of the strokes here so that you can see how simple this alphabet was to build. Most of the characters were made with one line:

So, once that was done, we sent the files off to our local stamp shop. The used a photo-emulsion process to etch the rubber, and it comes out looking a lot nicer than stamps cut by laser engravers. It also tends to sort of round out everything, which takes the vector edge away and makes it feel more authentically old.

Here are some images from the show. You can see our tags and cards peppered in all of them.

Thanks for looking! I've really appreciated the feedback and comments along the way. Mucho thanks to Jon for taking the time to offer the lesson and give encouraging feedback! 


Initial Sketches - Price Label

I think it's important in our industry to remind people that there's a person behind every design -- especially in the world of art prints and gig posters. I am thinking that it might be nice to remind people that the cost of our items are congruent with the sweat and blood that went into them.

Initial Sketches - Tags

Tags will be more of a branding piece, and will be used instead of business cards. This is kind of tricky since we don't have a combined portfolio available yet. For the time being, we will be directing people to our individual websites.

I'm not super into the script yet, may just need to play with it more. I feel like the drippy brush lettering is more "our thing," but I'd like to have multiple options! Man, branding yourself is tough stuff.



Finer Things is a collaboration of my work and my partner's work. Under this moniker, we plan on selling our art and handmade goods at local fairs and in an online shop, as well as in a physical studio space. Our personal work is inspired by anything from  tacky 1970's motorcycle-themed water decals to silent film stars like Theda Bara.

For this project, I would like to creat adhesive labels that can be attached to the back of wooden panels or to plastic sleeves for posters, as well as some sort of hanging tag for clothing, framed pieces, 3D work or anything else that the adhesive label wouldn't work for. The purpose of the labels would be to extend awareness of Finer Things past the sale, and also to communicate the price of our goods.

While hand-lettering is a big part of both of our aesthetics, functionality is most important for these tags, so the finished design will hopefully be communicative, handmade, and badass. Here's the moodboard:


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