Ellie Chavez

Imaginary to Imagery



Fine Art Photography: Imaginary to Imagery

Storytelling is something that is inside all of us. We are all creators. We live inside dreams, we bring those dreams to the front of our minds while we gaze out windows. We have hopes, aspirations, ideas that make us sound crazy!

Fine Art Photography is how I, personally, channel these emotions, dreams, and ideas. It's not only a great hobby, but it's also another way to expand your photography knowledge. The techniques used in Fine Art Photography will help you grow as a photographer, and also grow your inspiration and creativity!

That's what I hope to bring to everybody with this class. Teaching is something that's been coming up more and more in my life and I want to share it with as many people as I can. Wish me luck!

Update, July 9th: 
Got my project outline done! I'm so excited. I knew it would help me feel a lot more prepared and ready,and it really has. I'm going to start filming tomorrow!



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