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Findley Lake (New York)


A tiny lake/town in western New York state where we have a summer cottage. It has a special place in my family's heart so I thought it might be neat to tackle for this project and maybe create a sign from my final.

The cottage name is Sunnyside Up—so that was another idea, but in the past I've struggled with the wonky balance of the two words. I thought starting with Findley Lake could lead to a full lockup of "Sunnyside Up // Findley Lake // New York" one day.

March 2, 2014: Very loose initial sketches. Discovering that the lack of an "s" or more decenders make it a bit more simple. But this frees me up to experiement with styles, ornaments, flourishes, etc. Thoughts?


March 3, 2014: More sketching and taking a look at perhaps using Sunnyside Up as my flourish piece and keeping the Findley Lake letters more 'simple'. I also played around with a few sign configurations to help me determine spacing and particular styles for each word/phrase. 

Feeling a bit all over the place and overwhelmed with the options at this point. But having a ton of fun. Any thoughts or feedback would be fantastic. Thanks so much!


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