Finding your style

Finding your style - student project

This is actually my first time posting a project on skillshare, however I am no stranger to critiques. As long as they are helpful or insightful. That being said, here are three explorations I did using various techniques.

Finding your style - image 1 - student project

This first exploration uses lines to define the subject. Lines are used as the outline of the object, in this case a mushroom, and to simulate value and texture. My favorite is the top/middle mushroom. I love that by using semi straight and semi parallel lines that I was able to not only recreate the contour of the mushroom, but could also give a hint at its texture.

My least favorite is the lower right mushroom. I used a ball point pen on this one, and though I quiet love some of the effects I have created in the past with a ballpoint pen, I do not like how flat and uninteresting this one turned out. I do however enjoy the background texture.

The mushroom in the top right position is one I am somewhat happy with. I used a single line to create this image, and am impressed with the results. This is the first time I have felt successful using a monoline technique. This isn’t something I am interested in developing as a style, however I can see how it could help develop my style by improving my contours. 

The last exploration I will discuss from this batch is the bottom middle. This is one of the first times that I made an image that omitted the contour of an object. One of my biases is that I have always wanted to draw the whole contour of an object. With this exploration though I purposefully dropped out lines that were in the areas of the object which would be receiving a lot of light, going for a washed out look. I am very pleased with how this worked out in this image. I will definitely explore this technique further in the future.

Finding your style - image 2 - student project

This second set of explorations is all about the exploring color mixing. The medium used was transparent watercolor. 

The top left mushroom was me remembering how watercolor works after an absence of about two years from this medium. I like the shading of the flap under the mushroom head, and I really like the color mixing of the flaps around the base of the mushroom. I explore this mixing technique further on the middle bottom exploration. The mushroom head on this exploration is not my favorite by any means. 

I really love the shading and mixing effects of the top right set of mushrooms. These used a wet into wet technique that allowed me to let the shading and color interactions happen almost completely on their own, with just a little nudging from me. The one area that I did use a more wet into dry approach was the shading of the middle mushroom where the mushroom on the left overlaps it.

the bottom left mushroom, yes that is an actual mushroom, was mostly a wet into dry exploration, with an exception being the blue I used to shade the various parts of the mushroom. I like how I was able to achieve a feeling of volume with color interactions and layering of paint.

the bottom middle mushroom takes the effect I learned from the top left mushroom and makes it bigger. The mushroom head uses a wet into wet technique to slightly mix the cadmium red and raw umber( I think that is the hue I used, I do not have my paints with me at this moment). I really like this effect as it gives a softer transition between the two colors and feels most natural.


Finding your style - image 3 - student project

This last exploration is all about texture, and honestly this is the group of explorations I am most pleased with.

Exploration 1 isn’t my favorite, it fails to capture the feeling of the mushroom I am modeling it after. And the texture really leaves something to be desired.

Exploration 2 is better, but not great. the surface does look rough, and it looks hard, but again it doesn’t capture the feeling of the mushroom I am trying to replicate.

Exploration 3 is much better. Using some of what I learned from a previous group of explorations I used lines to give these mushrooms a grooved texture, as well as using this texture to define the objects light and shade. This is definitely a style I want to explore more.

Exploration 4 this one is ok, and I like it, but I don’t feel I learned anything from it.

Exploration 5 I absolutely love the outcome of this exploration. Using a micron ink pen I created the rough texture of these shelf mushrooms as well as add their rings. Once I was finished with the mushroom, I noticed some lines I had thrown on the background to indicate a log or tree that the mushrooms were growing on. As I did this I began to pick out grooves and holes in the background so as to make the object feel more like a piece of rotting wood.

exploration 6 is another one I am pleased with. I love the textures and the change in perspective.


Thank you for taking the time to look at these. I would love to have any constructive feedback, as well as any information on how to improve my skills.