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Finding time for me

I have a problem. I love productivity applications, in almost a very unhealthy way. Anytime a new app comes out I'm there to watch every intro video and be the first to download it. The issue with all of this:

  • B) I use them incorrectly and end up with a billion tags/notebooks/sorting features that aren't even relevant as time goes on

I want so badly to not packrat my thoughts and ideas and actually get them into the world. I also want to stop doing projects just for the cash that comes in and instantly out of my pocket. Getting my shit done gets so overwhelming that eventually I shutdown and just allow my eyes to glaze over as I take a break from stressing out over everything that needs to be done and just end up watching videos online. My patience and interest in projects goes from "KICKASS AMAZING!!" to "When the F### will this be over?" and I really want to change that. I want to do "KICKASS AMAZING!" all of the time. 

So now considering the fact that my GSD.LAB Diagnostic quiz just stated that I am in serious need of a productivity makeover.. let's see how this goes.


Downloaded Things for Mac and for iPod (might as well but maybe I will go to a different app for mobile. we'll see.) with apple credit.

Open Loops freak me out. I sat downf or about 10 minutes and came up with 86. Sometimes I feel I'm thinking too hard about them.


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