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Luis Vazquez

Graphic Designer & Writer



Finding the Universe

Below are images I found online, and a few that I found in the real world today.

I was unaware of Antoni Tapies. I thoroughly enjoyed looking him up and his work really captured my attention.

Even though I've known of Julian Schnabel and his film Basquiat (saw it in a theater in 1996, and I watch it every year), and I knew he was a part of that scene, I didn't realize he made art (I'm actually embarrassed by this). Equally blown away.

Gonna go ahead and throw in Basquiat on here. Been a huge fan since discovering him in the mid 90s.

Saw this in a "California" restaurant today. It's simple, but dynamic.

Found this on Twitter yesterday. You have to love the handmade quality, as well as the image and message.

I found this in a little notebook. My 6 year old daughter drew this. She will pick out a page, draw in it, and leave it for me to find later (could be months). I include this because I find something in the innocence of her letters, face, and house (yes, that's a house. She draws them a lot).

The point of my taking this class is to help me find my visual voice. I don't just want to be a clone of Tapies, Schnabel, Basquiat, or Victore. 


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