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Finding that artistic voice

Hello All!

As you all can relate, photography is something that lives from within and no matter what challenges stand in the way, it is always worth fighting for. I know this personally as I have taken a drastic turn in my career path to pursue such dreams. Although it has been tough, the ability to express myself with portraiture speaks volumes. I used to "hate" going to work but when a camera is in hand and the world becomes an endless canvas, those "hate" feelings disappear.

When I stumbled upon this Skillshare project/course, I immediately wanted to join. After diving into the world of photography, moreso pursuing my passion, I just jumped right in head first. This nose dive made me skip right over some of the most important skills and details that as photographers we must strengthen. I am beyond ecstatic to learn more about obtaining dynamic and beautiful headshots while strengthening the core skills of being a professional photographer.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to watching the growth of everyone!!! <3


This photo was technically one of the first attempts at a headshot. She was such a sweet girl and was so patient in working with me during the countless "redo's."

This was at the very end of a dance session and I couldn't resist sharing. When I was editing the photos, I stumbled upon this one and immediately felt all the hard work and dedication he has put into his art of dance. It was a moment of which I will never forget because it opened my eyes to how much work we as photographers also have to put into our craft to improve.

In the next photo, he was not looking at the camera, but if I would've had him look at the lens and shortened the distance between the subject and the camera, it would've provided a headshot.


All in all, I would like to continue learning about the ins and outs of a headshot portrait and narrow down on the exact genre and style I want to pursue as an artist.





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