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Finding telegrams 100 years too late

Stay in San Francisco long enough, and you'll  hear someone describe the latest tech boom as "the new Gold Rush."It's such an accepted cliche that I hardly thought to question it during the rise and fall of dot-coms, then social media, and now mobile.

But is it actually true? What can San Francisco 150 years ago tell us about our current boom? I've decided to go directly to the source, and see what Gold Rush speculators had to say about their experience c1848-1865. Maybe by the time the next boom or bust rolls around, I'll have some historical perspective to share.

For my project, I'll be researching Gold Rush telegrams, and turning them into a performance of some kind. A play? Bluegrass lyrics? Depends what I find. Instead of writing a story I know I can sell - a habit I've gotten into as a nonfiction writer that I'd like to change - I'm just going to follow where these stories lead. Here's the start:


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