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Finding our Brand :: Generation BBOY

I have already realized that my brand does not carry over into our clothing. I believe we have a good brand. 

We generally focus more on ART and FUNCTIONALITY over in your face branding.  We want our retail products and gear to send messages that are deeper than a logo. But I realize a logo can represent an idea and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Our current designs are all over the place and there is no common thread between them. We originally wanted to create a brand that inspire bboys and bgirls (dancers) to train harder, pursue their passions, and live the bboy lifestyle.

I feel we have attempted this but our design vs message have been lost in most our shirts. We break some rules mentioned in the first lesson video. "don't complicate a simple statement with graphics". "dont design for designs sake". "don't say to much". etc. 

We expect to solve these mistakes from our experience and this class. 


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