Finding my way so I can share EXPERIENCES

Finding my way so I can share EXPERIENCES - student project

The first 3-5 videos are the immediate result of alterations of process due to this skillshare class. I just so happen to be going through an awakening so it should be truly interesting to see what is produced.

I didn’t realize more than one piece of media could be placed here. Anyway,this video is in relation to segment 3, which I’ve finally been able to consolidate my thoughts and projects.I will keep a running list of epiphanies, shows and/or new artistic pieces. Curated art shows and events are on the roster.

#YWBS (Y watch B.S.) is a passion project I plan to continue. We were able to get a few episodes on the ground before the cast started spreading apart. This was followed by my scripted show called #Brainsandbeauty. What was sad was I was contacted by a streaming platform a few years ago, yet I was unable to do it for the same reason mentioned above. Soon after that, red table happened and the idea became less pressing for me. More recently, RealSutra : Sex for Smarties has been coming together. ( no pun intended)


(This was my 1st course related upload )

In this music video, I am able to pretty accurately depict my character known as "Vmyr dvppv tree" (Amyr dappa Tree). Vmyr aka Vdvppt is the bastard offspring of 2 opposing kingdoms ( only the know will know but who knows who knows?). Destiny determines that he must create his own realms and battle all who attempt to thwart his crossings. With Wisdom and intelligence , his thrown is found and his way is meant to liberate the spirit by route of choice.

RUSHUM MARQ - Lifestyle and fitness coaching... I’m going to school and disciplining for parkour, developing a martial art ( “judo style”) and a sales team is in construction. 

#Awalkwythnature is my favorite project as it is nature therapy for those “stuck in cubicles” all day, education for those who are interested in learning herbs and eventually a platform in its own right ; finding God through nature. 

Over the years, there have been multiple campaigns such as THE WATER BRIGADE, THE COURT PROJECT AND EMERGE SHELTER (different from 3mergecoaching). All lead and organized to meet the needs of people where they can get to it .

These are only a few of over 15 nodes, 6 goals , 3 modus , 9 years of building and an entire worlds worth of variability. Enjoy my Huffington Post article written by Justin Nobel , & thank you for checking me out. Hopefully there will be much fruitfullness between us.

Che VDVPPT Welsh Magh
Hedgestone or foundation? Important X 2