Finding my way into Photography

Finding my way into Photography - student project


Hello everyone!

My name is Matt Van Matre and I am currently discovering my voice through portrait photography. I have been interested in photography for most of my adult life but never made the investment to buy a camera until last year. Since then I have been shooting as much as I can and trying to capture happy people and great locations.

I have been watching Daniel's YouTube channel for over a year now and he continues to impress me and I am sure the feeling is mutual for everyone who is here watching this course.

I wanted to share some of my photos with you all and if anyone has feedback, I would love to hear it! I look forward to looking at everyone's projects and connecting with you all. I would like to invite you all to check out my Instagram below :)


* Instagram * @vanmatre_photography


 Extra shoutout to my girlfriend...she watched this course with me and I wanted those who know Spanish to check out her travel blogs and her Instagram as well!

Her Instagram: @marina_barragan

Her blogs : ( 


Finding my way into Photography - image 1 - student projectFinding my way into Photography - image 2 - student project