Finding my style

Finding my style - student project

Finding my style - image 1 - student projectFinding my style - image 2 - student project 


I looked at my mood board that I go to for inspiration and one of my recent drawings. I also really tried to look at what makes me different as listed below.


• Left-handed

• I do aerial silks in my free time

• Only Child

• Traveled to 9 countries alone while working a full-time job

• Single and don't date (haven't for 3 years and counting)

• Lived in San Francisco for 9 years

• Currently living in Hawaii

• I have ADHD 

• I spent a lot of time alone listening to music

• Currently learning Dutch

• Planning on moving to Amsterdam in the future


I plan on combining these unique qualities into my next design. Writing them down and thinking about them really makes me understand what makes me stand out.