Finding my style

Finding my style - student project

Finding my style - image 1 - student projectT This colour study, took about 35 minutes . I did a quick sketch after studying the image for a minute, then I spent 25 minutes putting down the colour and shading and 5 minutes final details. I discovered that there was some details that i really liked and wanted to be in the drawing for sure ( hence the extra 5 min). I m using watercolor on a moleskin paper that is not really for watercolor .. so it s repelling the water giving it a cool texture i think.

Finding my style - image 2 - student project

This drawing is watercolor on paper. It took about 15 minutes. .. I started painting without a sketch. I had to control myself with light and darks .. I’m not too good at leaving highlights untouched.. I m just learning watercolor and i am used to work with acrylics. It was fun.

Finding my style - image 3 - student project

I like this drawing, it showed me two things: 1. i can do it .. in very little time (3o min) And 2. The way I approached it was, and the result surprised me. I was scared at the beginning and i was thinking this flowered is so detailed, how am i going to do this, but little by little it came together just like Ria said . Thank you!

Finding my style - image 4 - student project

This is my inspiration for the work FULL. My cat is quite big , and she is always hungry (she is on a diet). As soon as she is fed she goes and relaxes on the carpet by the window. Happy. This drawing took me about 25 min on iPad.

Finding my style - image 5 - student projectI recently took a class on Skillshare and got into painting my surrounding or scenes .. I really love it at the moment .. Im also experimenting  with line and colour work. Trying to find a nice balance .. i painted this piece without any sketch, it’s gouache and India ink on moleskin sketchbook .

I really enjoyed this class. It help me loosen up and take some pressure off, and because of that I think these drawings have come out better. Thank you!