Finding my style

Finding my style - student project

Finding my style - image 1 - student project

First experiment: line.

I used fine line pen, brush pen, colored pencil and watercolor. It was certainly fun, but I am not 100% satisfied with any of them. I found myself quite comfortable with the fine line pen and the watercolor.


Finding my style - image 2 - student project

Second experiment: shape.

So much fun!!! I just loved to fill these in! And I had the chance to use something new for me. In the first one I paint with caran d'ache neocolor, I like the texture I can create with them, but I need to explore more and more... In the second one I used sharpies and - surprise surprise - I kinda like the result! Then again watercolor and for the last one I filled in with watercolor pencils in different shades and then added some water to dilute them trying to keep some texture as well. 

 Finding my style - image 3 - student project

Third experiment: Space.

So far, this was the best practice! I had the chance to use the masking fluid (first and last one), plus I worked a lot with brush control which I need so much!!! I am very happy with the second one and the second to last. 


Finding my style - image 4 - student project


Fourth experiment: Value

This is the one I liked less, still it was important for me to experiment. I decided to challenge me using gouache which still makes me quite uncomfortable, and only few colors: besides the brown for the butterflies bodies, I used only primary blue and white. I tried to get some texture with my strokes and then added some details with pens. 

I don't like the outcome, but I like the idea of having so many possibilities just mixing and shading few colors and so I think I'll practice more on this way.