Finding my line

Finding my line - student project

My line map. It was surprisingly fun to try and move the pencils and pens and brushes in different ways and using my non dominant hand.

Finding my line - image 1 - student project

I chose one of the many many lego pieces laying around, and this one is a big one, easier on the drawing eye... I tried micron pen, charcoal pencils, regular carbon pencil, color pencil, watercolor pencil, watercolor. I really like the end result with the charcoal pencil and the smudged look, and the watercolor pencil (lower right) and the watercolor with the carbon pencil (in green).

Finding my line - image 2 - student project


Finding my line - image 3 - student project

Final drawing (kind of attacked by a toddler with one of my micron pens!).

Finding my line - image 4 - student project