Liz Sensintaffar

Photographer, Designer, Writer



Finding my best angle

During the course of my day job with a not-for-profit organization that works with adults with developmental disabilities, I spend a lot of time talking to and photographing the amazing individuals we work with.

They aren't the traditional definition of "beauty," in fact I've seen passersby jump back in alarm when they've entered the room. 

But, don't you dare discredit them. A beautiful soul sits quietly in those eyes. A silent wisdom exudes through every serious expression or mischievous smirk. I am inspired by the way (not all) but most of these men and women calmly handle being treated differently because of the way they look; and how they politely deal with being ignored. 

Some do not communicate verbally, and so my hope is to help them share a piece of themselves through my work. The included portraits are ones I've done outside of work, "just for fun" to help hone my skills for work. 

A girl I met during a networking pubcrawl. This was toward the end of the day and she had finally gotten comfortable with me enough to let me grab a quick snapshot of her.

It was almost 60 in January, so we took advantage of the warm weather. I listened to these ladies play for the first time earlier that week. Their sound is mellow and almost sorrowful.


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