Finding my Style

Finding my Style - student project

To say that I struggled with these assignments is an understatement.
Since I've always been a graphic designer first and an illustrator second, I have grown so accustomed to projecting the voices of other people instead of my own.
These assignments were definitely an eye opener for me to think more thoroughly about my roots and what stories I truly want to tell with my art.

I can also definitely see how I can use these techniques to determine a style key for personal projects when I don't have a client's brand guide that sets the boundaries!
But enough chatting on my side, below I would like to share my process and the final style key I ended up with!

After finding my core I rolled the dice which resulted in the following pieces:

Finding my Style - image 1 - student project

1. Copy Yourself & Family History
This illustration is a story about the little kitten of my parents which survived the deadly illness FIP.
Together as a famaily we lived through the tough process of receiving the bad news and then starting the treatment. Aiko truly is a little warrior.

Finding my Style - image 2 - student project

2. Happy Accidents & Classic Inspo
This one I like the least. It is a combination of an old landscape drawing I did with inspiration from the movie 'The Secret of Nimh'.
I might revisit it to make a different version out of it.

Finding my Style - image 3 - student project

3. Guilty Pleasure & Outside Interest
My interest outside of art are whales! I absolutely adore everything about them.
My guilty pleasure is buying way too many notebooks then I need. I really enjoyed working on this one because it is very close to the type of illustration I'm used to.


Finding my Style - image 4 - student projectAfter populating my world by doing a whole range of sketches I picked out my favourites and decided to present them
in a stamp collection. Collecting stamps is something I used to do when I was little because I loved the pictures so much, so this really
stays close to my childhood and heritage for me. I'm also still very much into the idea of a curious cabinet, collecting knick knacks with a sense of whimsical magic.

Thank you Andy for handing out these tools to work with!

Martine Redert
Illustrator & Graphic Designer