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Jodi Beamish

Surface Pattern Designer,



Finding my Instagram "Look"


So at first I wasn't sure if this course would be right for me as it seems more geared towards business users, but I found lots of things that I could use. I wasn't really thinking about having an uniform look, but of just posting miscellaneous photos. I realised as I watched the class videos that I myself am drawn to the sites which have a more cohesive look over all the images. I think it's going to take some time for me to relax into the process. I'm second guessing every image right now, but maybe that's meant to be.

Above is the nine most recent images that I've posted. As you can see I'm not totally there yet, but trying to head in the right direction. 

I also decided that I would make a separate site for my work rather than try to put the two together. My personal style and the look of my design site are vastly different. I've just started on that page and I really need a good logo, and a description, but I put it below for now as is.

I'll update as I add more.


Would be very interested in any feedback / suggestions.

Thanks for having a look.


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