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Phyllis Beck

I'm strong, creative and passionately opinionated.



Finding my Focus

Habit personality type:

Looks like I am a strong combo of rebel and questioner. Its a wonder I every get anything done. 

Why did I sign up for this class?

Because I know my life needs some serious structure. If you need to know why just refer to my habit personality type above and all answers will be revieled. I also want to build a habit that will have a strong foundational impact on my life and that will give me the ability to focus my efforts better.

What has been my most consistent good habit in the past?

I don't really have habits or a schedule of any sort including a normal sleep schedule. The one thing I can count on is that I know I will drink coffee when I first get up.  I also draw mostly everyday. 


While drinking coffee or tea when I first wake up.


Plan agenda or daily focus and briefly journal


A feeling of clarity, control, and calm for the day

5. Implementation Intentions

While drinking my morning coffee I will develop a plan for my day and briefly journal because I am the type of person that believes daily reflection and goal setting will set a strong foundation for future success. 


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