Finding greens

Finding greens - student project

First time experimenting with blacks and grays, they look so different now that I swatch them side by side. I love how Holbein's ivory black granulates, that texture reminds me of Amanita fungi, I love fungi :)  Graphite Gray does look like pencil, it even shines like it. Feels like liquid pencil and my brain finds that puzzling. Payne's gray is handsome, Nightfall from Stakiwi colors is gorgeous as well, but I have no idea what pigments it contains.

My Cadmium Lemon wasn't as clean as I thought, so it already looks a bit green on my swatch. It actually looks like opaque yellow neon. First two yellows, I wouldn't want to see them first thing in the morning when I wake up... too bright. My favorite was Quinacridone Gold, no surprise there.


Finding greens - image 1 - student project


I mixed all of my darks with all of my yellows and picked my favorite couple: Payne's gray and Quinacridone Gold. I liked many of these mixes, some were easier to achieve greens than others. Payne's gray is an all-rounder for pretty greens. I decided to make a more detailed swatch of my fav couple and that's what you see at the end.

Finding greens - image 2 - student project

Finding greens - image 3 - student project

Okay, I didn't squeeze all the potential of my color combo, I went for light washes and my own sketch. I wanted to have fun with my own style and images inside my head. I left a lot of empty space in the middle to practice my pull the puddle abilities! Also used it for the sky.


Finding greens - image 4 - student project


Thank you Chris!

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