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Finding and following your purpose

My name is Kylie Dunn and I am just about to finish my first ebook. I am also in the process of writing a non-fiction book about a self-development project I did called My Year of TED (you can out the blog for an explanation of it all

My ebook is based on one of the 30 day activities I trying to find my purpose. It is a fairly simple instructional workbook guiding people through the process and exercises I did to come up with my why.

I've been receiving Laura's emails for a while now so I'm really excited to be doing this course, and even more excited to have a book almost ready to do it with.

Week 1 tips

I have decided that because of how new this all is to me I probably need to do all of these, but I definitely have to focus on the first 4 and then 6 & 7 so that I have the basic content required to get the book online. I'm still in the process of working out which platform I will use to publish my ebook, so I've got to get all the basic stuff done before I can think about optimising it all. [Note: I'm Australian so the dates below are day/month]

  1. I have already done the Ideal reader exercise [Wed 4/9]- that was interesting and a little unexpected.
  2. Book Description [4-8/9] - I plan to have this finished by Sunday 8th
  3. Cover, title and subtitle [4-6/9] - I plan to have this finished by Friday 6th, so I can start showing it to a few people.
  4. Author Bio [6-8/9]- I do have one of these but it needs serious rework, planned completion Sunday 8th
  5. Media page/Media kit [basics 9-11/9] - I want to have this basically developed for the final product shots and purchasing links to go into by Wednesday 11th. That way I can have a few people check it out first.
  6. List dream coverage [11-13/9] - I hope to have this researched and drafted by Friday 13th (ominous?) this will depend on work commitments, since I have 

Of course during this time I have to do the final edit on the content for the book and then format the whole thing - well it will be about 30 pages long so not that much of a drama really.

I already have a plan that I will provide about 20 free copies of the ebook to people that are in my sphere, to get some feedback and maybe even a review or two before I launch. So that will give me a little more time to get the work for Week 2 done, and maybe some more ideas about my media.

REVISED Book Description 

Learn how to identify your authentic self, and align your life to your WHY for ultimate fulfilment.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said “He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any how”, but what if you don’t have a WHY? Or you don’t know what it is? Knowing our WHY, our underlying beliefs and values, is one of the most fundamental requirements for human beings – it was the main reason for My Year of TED, and it is the reason I’ve written this ebook.

I was rapidly approaching 40 and was still unsure what I wanted to be when I grew up, except that I knew I wanted to be more. 30 Days of Drive was my successful attempt to find out what my WHY was. It was the sixth activity in My Year of TED (a year-long self-development project based around the popular TED Talks), and one of the project’s defining moments.

There were 20 other activities during My Year of TED that contributed to my personal development. Activities like 30 Days of Choice, where I learned not to be so passive in my decision making; 30 Days of Balance, where I defined my perfect day; and 30 Days of Time, where I learned how to start shifting my time perspective away from being past negative. All of the changes gave me insights into becoming my authentic self, but the process of 30 Days of Drive was the most influential.

This ebook, and the accompanying workbook, will lead you through the process I developed to successfully find out what my WHY is and how I could contribute to the world in a way that was better aligned with my values and beliefs. Based around the concepts from TED Talks by Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins, the ebook will run you through a 10 step process where you will identify the blueprints that are not working in your life; your core values; what you need from your environment; your belief and cause; and finally your Why, How and What.

You’ll consider questions like:

  • “Why is it important for you to do this activity?”
  • “When have you been most happy and fulfilled in the past? And what were the underlying values in those situations?”
  • “Are there any themes in the jobs/roles you have enjoyed in your life? What do these tell you about the things you need in your environment?”
  • “Based on purpose, belief, cause, and values we have defined, what actions do you think would best satisfy your belief? What would be the result of these actions?”

If you’ve ever tried to work out what you ‘should’ be achieving with your life, or how you can satisfy that unknown need inside – this book will provide you with a process to follow so you can finally get some answers.

REVISED Title and Sub-title

So the working title on the book is "Finding and following your purpose: A guide based on experiences from My Year of TED". I think that this is a bit wanky though, and I don't know that it is really about your purpose so much as that the underlying reason for things.

I've been tossing a couple of ideas around and would love some feedback. The examples below are all Titles and Subtitles:

  1. Working on Why: Aligning your life to your purpose
  2. Pursuing purpose: Finding your Why from My Year of TED
  3. Discovering Why and Creating the life you want: A practical guide form My Year of TED
  4. The answer is not 42: Finding your Why from My Year of TED

UPDATE: The book title and subtitle ended up being - 30 Days of Drive: A Practical Guide from My Year of TED.

REVISED Author Bio (I think it needs to be punchier)

Kylie Dunn was your average 39 year old woman approaching her 40th birthday, but she dealt with it in an extraordinary way. Using world famous TED Talks, Kylie designed a project called ‘My Year of TED’ and set about making significant changes to her life.

Throughout the year Kylie courageously blogged about the changes she was achieving by undertaking twenty-one 30 day activities, at Whether it was becoming brighter and more visible in 30 Days of Fashion; a weekday vegetarian in 30 Days of Less Meat; or finding out her why in 30 Days of Drive – she maintained a practice of excruciating vulnerability on her blog.

Some of these activities were life changing like 30 Days of Choice, where she learned not to be so passive in her decision making; 30 Days of Balance, where she defined her perfect day; and 30 Days of Time, where she learned how to start shifting her negative time perspective. All of the changes gave Kylie insights into becoming her authentic self, but the process of 30 Days of Drive was the most influential.

Kylie has recently started a business, dinkylune, which is aligned to the authentic-self that she identified through this project. She is also currently writing a book to capture the achievements of that year. Along with that book, she is developing a series of ebooks around some of the more valuable activities, in the aim of helping others make some fundamental changes in their life. The first of these is ???, now available through

UPDATE: I decided to make my author bio a lot shorter and punchier.

On 1 November 2011 I embarked on a crazy project I had created for myself called My Year of TED, to attempt to find my authentic self. Using the wisdom of world famous TED Talks, I set about completing twenty-one 30 day activities, blogging about the whole adventure at I’ve made significant changes through the project, and now I’m trying to share with others through a series of books and practical guides. Find out more about how I’m doing this and why at



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