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Finding a voice through Type

The Art of Typography - How to comunicate effectively through the power of type ~ with Faye Brown.

Having dabbled in type, a more structured exploration into typography and what we're really saying.

Assignment 1: Finding Typefaces

On the lookout for type, design through typography. It's definately the perfect setting at the V&A, London during the opening week of the London Design Festival 2013.

1 | Typographic Circle's circular magazine extract, V&A Exhibition supported by Pentagram. 2013.

2 |  Typographic Circle's circular magazine extract, V&A Exhibition supported by Pentagram. 2013.

3 | London Design Festival in the V&A Main Entrance.2013.

4 | Science Museum Logo. Seen at the "Are museums waking up to Branding" talk by Michael Johnson at the V&A. 2013.

5 | VitaCoco Advertising campaign seen on the London Underground. 2013.

There's so many different fonts in use, kernings, sans serif, natural flowing ones, shouty ones, and one the tube at least those adverts for films and books are the most emotive and evocative. 

Noticing things on beauty products, dior, vaseline, No.7, Lancome, Shu Uemura, Neutrogena and Nivea all seem to have a very similar type of nuanced font, pretty traditional and bold. And yet, whenever I spotted some typewriter font, it was so characteristic! 

Keeping a look out for more fonts, subtle ones, informative ones and beginning to notice the nuances between them... even if they look the same, whether it's fully filled in or those with a 'old ink' look or even 'deliberate' smudges, it completely changes the feel. 

Eyes peeled for more examples!

Assignment 2: 10 words in 10 typefaces

Assignment 3: Creating the word 'Typographic' in Adobe Illustrator

Even using an older version of Illustrator, I created a quick image using a different font for each syllable within the word, 'Typographic'. These were manually kerned - my 'still in training' eye for spacing, managed the below. Some struggles with T, y and P in type, but otherwise good. Found some fonts, which have ligatures (the linking bits) like the French Script MT, to be difficult to kern as it truncated these, like between h,i and c. Otherwise, pretty simple. Comments below please! Will have another go with all the same font to tackle tricker kerning.


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