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Finding a new way of marketing for SeaChange Seafoods

My project is to find a new vision for marketing my company and its products – genuinely delcious Canadian gifts.

We have been in business almost 30 years, and we have re-invented our look. Now we need to re-invent our marketing.

This is our brand:

SeaChange Seafoods – Genuinely Delicious Canadian Gifts

SeaChange sells Canadian smoked salmon gifts:

  • beautifully packaged
  • delicious, with a long shelf life
  • outstanding corporate gift
  • brilliant for sending in the mail

My thoughts on the 11 questions:

  1. What is marketing for? Marketing is for finding, reaching out to and creating relationships with the specific group of people who need our products.
  2. What are we allowed to touch? We are allowed to touch the website, the photography, the newsletters. We can touch the packaging within the constraints of budget and reprinting opportunities.
  3. What can we as marketers measure? We can measure sales. We can measure interactions on the website. We can measure opens and click through in newsletters. We can measure segments of customers and how they respond in different ways. 
  4. What can we change? We can change anything about the products or the marketing that we are convinced needs to be changed, and that we can afford to change.
  5. What promise are you going to make? We are going to promise that you will feel really good giving a SeaChange gift. 
  6. What’s the hard part? This is such a good question! The hard part is finding the exact tribe we could delight. Right now we have lots of customers but not enough that we can reach by doing the same thing, so it's hard to make money and hard to grow. We have to do slightly different things for these ones than for those ones. Who are the people whom we could totally help out, over and over? What is the best medium for reaching out to them? How can we change our offering or our service so that we are exactly what they need?
  7. Should your organization be making trends or following trends? Our organization should be following trends. We should be following the trend that now consumers look for gifts in new places. We should be following trends of giving healthy, eco friendly gifts. We should be following trends of giving locally made products. On the other hand, maybe there is something we are missing, a trend that we should be setting.
  8. Where is the risk? The risk is that we won't do a good enough job of making our product visible to those who need it, and that we will never again grow. The risk is in not changing.
  9. Who is in charge?  I am in charge.
  10. Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is is for? I am spending money on my social media team, on advertising, on making sure I understand what is working and not working on our website, on creating newsletters for retailers who buy from us, on design of new packaging. 
  11. How should you be spending your time? Thinking, connecting dots, making sure I am conscious of everything we are doing and not doing, steering.


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