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Finding a Coherent Style: 2 Bedroom Apartment

Class 1 Project

After changing countries several times over the last decade, my husband and I finally set up shop back home in Toronto. Our apartment is, as a result, a jumbled mess of donated furniture, interesting treasures from travels (a bit too many) and a lot of books... we had a baby and now you can add a bunch of toys to that list.

We're moving to a bigger apartment next month and I want to use this as an opportunity to create a more coherent style throughout our home. This will require some upcycling current furniture, buying a few choice pieces and editing, editing, editing! 

Here are my top 5 rooms (in no particular order):

I have a love affair with sun rooms

white and blue. love the stool.


The Sydney home of fashion designer Lee Mathews. Photo by Sean Fennessy

So what do I take away from this? 

Common Colours: white, indigo blue, metals, black, multi-colour patterns (in small chunks)

Common Textures: a. reflective of nature: velvet; natural oiled wood furniture simple in design, solid and well made; living plants; bright light; reflective glass b. contrasting and layered textures that invite touch

Common Patterns: a. mix of highly-saturated colours in small splashes against earth tones, gold, brown, black, white, grey, b. geometric c. ethnic, tribal, d. art, e. lots and lots of books

Movement: ? Not sure what this is...

I've never done a mood board before, this is my first stab at it based on what I identified above, but I still don't know whether it's a perfect reflection of where I'm going or want to go...

Class 2 Project

I had some trouble picking a pattern, I'm drawn to a lot of different things and they don't seem to necessarily coordinate well. But after some juggling and re-mixing here is my favourite pattern and three corresponding colours/patterns:

Class 3 Project

So I'm taking another stab at the mood board and I think I'm getting closer to my true "mood" for this decoration project. It still captures more of my desires than what I can actual use in practice as I've not necessarily confirmed I can source all the things on my board, but I can use it as a kind of map going forward.


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