Finding Your Style - Andy J Pizza

Finding Your Style - Andy J Pizza - student project

Andy I found your class amazing.  It caused me to look honestly at the work I have created over the last four years and really think hard about what I am trying to achieve and what is really good enough for me.  Its hard for me to draw from my life because it has been unbelievable bad and hard but it has never stopped me trying, its just not a mentally healthy place for me to dwell for any length of time.  I did distil however what gives me joy and have concentrated on that.  Thank you for the inspiration and insight I gained from following your classes. Below are six pieces of work, warts and all. As you can see I love playing with colours.  What may not beFinding Your Style - Andy J Pizza - image 1 - student project so clear is my love of Kandinsky's, Van Gogh and Dali's style of art.  I love and admire the traditional Constable but have little desire to reproduce it unless it is in the style of Gogh.  Look forward to your feedback.  Have had none in relation to my writing classes apart from a couple of fellow students supportive comments.Finding Your Style - Andy J Pizza - image 2 - student projectFinding Your Style - Andy J Pizza - image 3 - student project

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