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"Finding Why"

In the next 6-8 weeks I will be delivering a presentation about me and my more recent journey whilst going through a company leadership program.

In truth having worked for the company for the last 5 years that entire 5 years has been my true leadership development - and the course has allowed me to realise some of the opportunites I now have to do things different and be better than yesterday.

Presentations are definitley something I need to practice and I'm using this space to hone that presentation, so I can deliver a strong story and captivate my audience.

Hoping this space will give me a chnace to bring it a bit closer together.

The Story of me - "Finding Why"


using Step one wanted to review what the real leadership/hero jounrey has been. A long period of time managing, averagly, and actually how to last 5 years have really challenged me to engage with some real tricky situations and face some personal deamons.

As always those outside are just a reflection, more often than not, of what's going on inside. These people have taught me a lot of about who I want to be and definitley what not to be. 

This also highlights real turning points and when i actually become a leader and what I knew I had to do in order to fulfil my responsibilities to be that leader and lead through service to others.

This all happened at the same time I became a father just over 3 years ago.


The story start with me at 19 in my first managerial role - the definition of arrogance - smoking camel filterless and looking to fight the world and presuming i would win.

through a series of life choices and different roles, in different industries across several continents resulting in me being with my wife Anna - who taught me about coaching, my first coahcing frame work and how to give feedback.

Simon Sinek - for "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" on TED Talks for narating the fundamentals of leadership and what is required to be a great leader.

Poppy, my daughter, for making me a father.  The ultimate leadership responsibility.

Then me new, the hero reborn at 38 with my renewed world view with the same core values.


I have always beleived, that I could take on any one and anything and come out on top. at 19 through arrogance rather than pratical wisdom or capability. Also through the capability of always having the last word and being right.


having had my capabilities as a manager, and my work creations challnged to the core I have experienced some real tests of faith in my skills and delivery.

Out of this I have learned that I should stick to what I beleive is right - in my heart and not every one will get it, if i ask the right questions and demonstrate the confidenc ein it I will get the results and win the right people over.


because of those experiences - the combination of my true believe that I can change the world, because I've learned the hard way how not to, and becaus of the people i've met along the way I have already started to make a more profound impact on the people around me and the world. I'm watching those from my team become more successful than I was at their age by what I've shared. I'm watching them actually become parents themselves. I'm working to uphold a solid set of values in myself in order that others can be better than yesterday. I get to be a father every day. My wife tells me of her pride in what I do, alreayd at the level I am and I now feel liek i'm only at the begining of the journey again.

The happy ever after is all that stuff and all the next chapter to come.

Without adding a picture here this last 5 years has been a 'Quest' my objective has been the same through out - to give greater support and devleopment to the leadership team.

Because of all the obstacles i've hit, the barriers I've worked around - I have kept working towards that goal, redifining myself, my approach and am now in the right place to really start actualising that vision for the greater good of my peers and myself.


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