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Finding Treasures in the Every Day

What this class got me thinking about more than anything was how to cherish what I see everyday. -to look for treasures and hidden beauties waiting to be captured. As a result, I've begun to notice the details of the everyday, my everyday. And that is invaluable.

I work right next to the Santa Monica Pier, I pass it everyday. Honestly I don't value this view enough. I wanted to capture this view in a unique way. As fate would have it, I just happened to have 50 cents on me. So I dug it out and put it in the viewfinders that overlook the pier. As I was forcing the glass of my phone against the big iron binoculars, I was only hoping I could get the shot in focus before the timer ran out. 

The second image below show the shot I captured. 

Although, I think the first image is beautiful, I think the second is a bit more intersting. It definitely sparks some curiosity at least to me.

Perhaps from here on out I should make a habit of collecting this shot from all the places I visit or pass everyday that happen to have those big clunky binos. 

For the second portion of this assignment, the explorer part. I decided to venture with my husband into the desert garden of the Huntington Library in Pasadena. We actually get to go pretty frequently to the Library which is always incredible. What made this visit different was the mental goal I had to capture an interesting shot, "the shot that's never been taken before". Definitely not an easy task. We had a blast. 

The documentation can be found below. 

The first shot below was my favorite. I found myself among some rocks and very very close to some prickly cacti just in front of my little Phone. It was totally worth it and that made it all the more fun. 

Hopefully this is the beginning of my collection of the hidden beauties and moments of my everyday with ma iPhone and #vscocam. 


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