Finding Real Community in the Digital Age

I travel a lot. Sometimes almost two week out the month I am traveling. This can be really amazing but also it can be rather difficult. When you're always traveling it is difficult to develop meaningful relationships. Especially now that so many people are anti-social in real life. They may have tons of followers and interact on the internet but in real life, they're just not there. So this is why whenever possible I try to strenghten the relationship I already have.

This is my friend Tyler and he lives in Shreveport, LA.

Tyler is a graphic designer and just all around creative. Also he is a self-proclaimed Lord of the Rings aficionado. I was recently in Shreveport to spend time with some friends, and as we often do, we went out to take pictures. We walked around downtown Shreveport, which is only maybe a square mile, and then he took me to an abandoned building. The lighting was very harsh, since we didnt go at Golden Hour(sorry Brenton) but it turned out ok.

I love what photography has done in Shreveport, I lived there several years ago and everyone hated it, it feels like a tiny town and there is nothing to do. But now through projects like #thatLAcommunity people are beginning to find comfort in living there. #Shreveportlove is becoming a real thing. I'm thankful for what an app and some photos can do to bring people together. 


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