Finding My Niche


Well I gave this a huge thought and turns out I want more than 3 niches, but then everything is related to everything, so for example my top 3 niches are:

1-Logo Design


3-Package Design

4-Digital Design & Social Media


Now I know why I chose the 4th one and I think you can all see why right?

I mean if you walk with me step by step on my vision: 

I want to create an online print on demand clothes theme, so it all begins with what logo you want to choose for it, then choosing the branding you want it to be shown in, then the package to make things all lovely, and then market it with our awesome social media posts!


So the tools are Photoshop, Illustrator,  Canva/place it.


Design theory: Typography, Illustration, Photography&photo editing, layout theory.