Finding My Medium

Finding My Medium - student project

Making writing a productive habit of mine has been tricky. Over the past week, I've experimented with finding the right spot, places to write, stimuli to receive (podcasts, music, the sound of the rain on loop, and complete silence) and more. 


It has been hard to find a place given that my entire family and I are living under lockdown and 'peace and quiet' is a luxury that only lasts for about 30 seconds. I used to enjoy working and writing from my balcony but the ratcheting summer heat of Dubai along with living right next to the city's main highway have ensured that I remain indoors. 


But finding the perfect medium for me has been the easiest step to follow. I came across an old notebook as I was going through my room and it brought back memories of when I used to live in Turkey. I do still use my laptop (a Microsoft Surface Go) for more concrete writing (for work and school) though the notebook has become a place where I can freely write for myself. 


Finding My Medium - image 1 - student project

Finding the right pen to write with was a bit tricky. The pens and pencil on the left felt weightless in my hands when I tried to write. I ended it putting too much pressure when it came to putting ink and paper and things didn't feel right. The pens on the right were too heavy and every word that I wrote down felt forced. The two pens in the middle (the one for my Surface Go and the other for my notebook) had the right balance to them. Both felt like an extension of my arms and of my mind making it easier to write freely. 


Finding My Medium - image 2 - student project


But when it comes to writing for myself, writing down on an antique-style notebook felt therapeutic. Whether it was writing down quotes from off the top of my head of one my favorite (Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender) or journaling as a practice of mindfulness and gratitude; the notebook quickly became an extension of my mind and of my thoughts.