Finding Flights with

Finding Flights with - student project
  1. I type into my browser. 
  2. A domain name server (DNS) translates the URL into an IP address. 
  3. My request goes from DNS to DNS until’s server is found in one’s cache.
  4. The DNS send my browser’s IP address.
  5. My computer connects with’s server and retrieves the requested information.
  6. That information comes to my computer in packets.
  7. My computer translates the packets.
  8. Front end information is displayed on my computer based on backend code.
  9. I enter my trip information into the correct fields.
  10. I click “Find Flights” and the request is sent to the backend database.
  11. The flight information is presented in my browser and I can select a flight.

Finding Flights with - image 1 - student project